The outline


We are putting together a team of swimmers to swim non stop across The Atlantic Ocean from New York City [Long Island Beach] to Penzance in Cornwall. The idea of the Great Atlantic Swim was put together by Chris Ford, after he sailed the Atlantic Ocean in 2006. The team will consist of 15 swimmers including Chris. Each swimmer will swim in rotation over the 3,200 mile journey, covering approximately 4-5 miles per swimming session. Each swimming session should take approximately 2.5 to 3 hours to complete depending on weather conditions. The swimmers will wear wet suits at all times while in the water and have a 25 foot electromagnetic field ‘protective ocean device’ in order to protect them from the unlikely danger of sharks. The team will be based upon a support vessel that will act as home for the swimmers during the 2 month journey. The swimmers will be swimming day and night. Once they step into the water at Long Island the swimmers will effectively be swimming non stop until they reach the shores of the UK.


A great adventure 

This is the first time that night swimming has ever been attempted over such a monumental distance and in open ocean. The swimmers will swim between the mother ship and the support vessels and will be illuminated by powerful arch lights attached to the mother ship and the support vessels flooding the sea with light. With each swimmer working in relay to complete their 4-5 mile session we estimate that we will cover 40-43 nautical miles per day. The swimmers will be divided into two teams of 7 with Chris being the extra man. The teams will be competing with each other pushing themselves to the limit in order that one or other team covers the greatest distance. The competition element is essential to drive the swimmers on to their limits and maximize their natural competitive instincts. The swim is from west to east in order to take advantage of the Gulf Stream and the rotation of Earth. Entering and making use of the Gulf Stream could add an extra 4-6 miles per hour to the swimmers progress. 


The purpose


We are planning to make the crossing between July and September 2010. This will be one of the greatest human endeavors ever undertaken in terms of the shear physical demands of swimming and living in the Atlantic. In the final team we aim to have swimmers, both male and female from all corners of the earth, making this a truly international venture. We are hoping to raise greater awareness over environmental issues and the pollution affecting the great oceans and how this is impacting on marine life and the eco system. Part of the crew on this 2 month voyage will be a small team of marine biologists which will be carrying out important work as regards marine mapping. At present we have a considerable detail about the physical nature of the ocean floors, but very little comparitive accurate information as to the numbers and migration habits of a great deal of the marine life that inhabit the oceans. Each swimmer will be generating money for the charity of their own choice, but in addition The Great Atlantic Swim Organisation aims to raise money and campaign for the establishment of internationally protected marine zones across the Atlantic Ocean.



Are you ready for the challenge?


This will be a truly 21st century adventure. We hope to give people a chance to be a part of the inevitable high’s and lows of the journey with 24/7 web access. With sea cams on the swimmers and camera’s on different parts of the ship, we want to give as much interaction with events in the Atlantic as is humanly possible. We have recently signed a television option contract with a well known British television production company who are currently in discussions with major TV networks in the US and UK.

4 yearly event

We intend to make The Great Atlantic Swim a 4 yearly event, with it becoming a fixture in the calender and the ultimate challenge to swimmers from around the world. We would hope that eventually The Great Atlantic Swim will have a similar status within endurance and swimming circles as The America's Cup does within sailing.




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